Free Membership

Being a member at the Digital Nomads Observatory is totally free based on an equal value gain (you give some time to participate, and you get valuable resources and insights directly from the studied destinations.

Digital Nomad Premium Membership

We do not have any premium membership programs right now (and maybe never!). If you want to get more of the Digital Nomads Observatory, just give more! Start by being a member and contact us for further information on how we can work together!

Company Membership

Please let us evaluate the way that your company can help our cause without distracting our core values! Send us an e-mail with your purpose and we’ll contact you as soon as humanly possible. We receive many requests and we examine each case individually.

Coffees & Donations

Thanks for your emails willing to support our cause but as long as we have enough funds to fulfill our cause, we are not going to ask for any type of support.