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as innovative and viable. As responsive to the needs of modern globalized society.

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Being a member at the Digital Nomads Observatory is totally free based on an equal value gain (you give some time to participate in some questionnaires every now and then, and you get valuable resources and insights about nomadic destinations).

You also support the cause of developing sustainable policies and intervetions, in favor of Digital Nomads to governments across the globe.

By Joining as a Free Member you get

  • Access to the Members’ only area (soon to be created) with valuable resources.
  • Inside information about nomadic destinations.
  • A chance to help digital nomads’ community have a voice to the governments.
  • Meet with other digital nomads around the globe.

Benefits of Digital Nomads Observatory Members


Member’s Area

Gain free valuable resources regarding destinations, statistics and trends on the Digital Nomads curated by our research team.

Your opinion matters

Digital Nomads Observatory needs your perspective. Our world is changing and the future is closer than we can think. That’s why we want every one to get involved!

Totally Free Membership

Once a member, always a member! Our cause needs many people to be achieved and we need everyone!


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