Digital Nomads Observatory's Services for Destinations are designed to help

Cities Unlock their Potential

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-Evolve any city into a Digital Nomads destination-

Not only tropical paradises and sandy islands! Many cities can become destinations for Digital Nomads. Benefit from our unique services for destinations and help your city reach it potential. If your city is home to any of the following, you’d better learn more about how we can collaborate.


International Airport

University Campus

Startup Community

Picturesque Views

Advanced Transportation

Coworking Spaces

Digital Nomads are not to be considered as Tourists!

Cities must develop sustainable, friendly policies on a domestic level if they want to reach their potential on this certain market segment. But are they just another market segment?

Digital Nomads are not to be considered as one Market Segment either!

Consisting of many different nationalities, professions and cultures, Digital Nomads are a fascinating-yet demanding population segment to study, with lots of dynamics. D.N.O offers sophisticated services for destinations through its deep knowledge and niche research.

Effective policymaking: Advanced consulting, metrics, deep dives and experienced researchers, are essential to discover the tipping point for the city’s transformation.

City transition policies research

on Digital Nomads through the powerful 8 Layer Methodology

Developed by the Digital Nomads Observatory, tested on destinations, accredited by Digital Nomads. You can be sure of the results.

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